We invite you to celebrate your children’s milestones with us at the Manor Estate in Tomaszowice

„Kinder Party” is an option designed for parents who would like to have their child’s celebration planned out in full.
We offer several of our facilities with views of the Nineteenth century Park.
We also make available the manor’s green areas (grill and tents).
Your child’s birthday or nameday is a time when they should feel special.

A fun day spent playing with their friends in a safe and secure setting will make sure that this day will be unforgettable and that you little one will feel like the center of world.

We host parties for children:

We suggest:

W You’re making a list of guests, presents and are looking for just the right spot? Do you want this day to be as unique as can be?

The Manor Estate in Tomaszowice and its venues and garden will give the freedom to organize your event in a joyous and original way. You can choose a thematic party, including theme specific events. We will make your child’s dreams come true and create an events remembered by all guests.


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We will gladly answer all your questions.

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