Tomaszowice Manor, a historic nineteenth century park and estate complex situated at the gates of Krakow, and one of ZR Hotels and Restaurants most advanced and spectacular investments.

The Tomaszowice Manor-Park Estate, purchased in 1996, is spread out over a 10 hectare terrain and is a certified heritage site and under conservatory care. The most valuable part of the estate is classical manor dating back to the nineteenth century as well as the surrounding hundred year old park and grange. The entire estate was under the control of the state treasury for 50 years of the last century. During this time it was the site of a State Agricultural Possession. Offices and housing facilities were created on the estate while the grange was used as a swinery. As a consequence, over the course of just a few years the estate was brought down to a sorrowful and devastating state. The historic garden was left to run wild, while the „park salon” was destroyed to a great extent. The quartered garden was preserved to some degree, while the rest was reserved for construction of the road and buildings. This lead to a total degradation of the manor estate. In the 1990’s thanks to a shift in economic policies as well as the bankruptcy of the pig farming operation, the rightful owners were able to reclaim the property, which they then sold to the current owner – Ziyaidowi Raoof.

The purchase was considered under the context of its prime location, historical significance as well as the large potential of utilizing it as a recreational and conference center and a cultural and artistic venue.

Between 1997-2000, an intense restoration was undertaken under the guise of the Maloposlki Inspector of Preservation of Historical Site in the aim of restoring the manor and grounds. The terrain was re-cultivated to remove the remnants of the damage caused by the swinery, including the removal of silos and manure storage sites. The renovations included the creation of a sewage treatment facility, boiler room, an underground electrical system, a drying of the manor house and surrounding objects as well as raising the foundations. In the fall of 2000, the Krakow Conference Centre at Tomaszowice Manor, with its 3 star hotel, conference rooms and restaurant, was officially opened after restoration and tasteful renovations.

In 2001, THE GRANARY, with its rustic style restaurant and several conference rooms, was completed and put to use.

Two years later, the adaptation of the large agricultural building used as a feed storage was finished, yielding THE ORANGERY. The 400m2 space is set aside for banquets and parties. The conservation and construction works were accompanied by the re-cultivation of the quartered garden and a revitalization of the old park. The site’s historic character was restored thanks to planting and cultivation of existing flora.

In 2007, the multifunctional PANORAMA GALLERY, a 700m2 site geared for expositions, banquets and parties and able to hold 700 people, was finished and made available.


Currently, the Tomaszowice Manor Estate functions as a flexible conference centre with a full hospitality offering and is a prized venue for celebrations and large banquests. It has become a place not only frequented by the business community but also by tourists. In the near future, the halls of the old swinery are planned to be built into a trade show and exposition. This will be combined with a new hotel with conference rooms, a recreational and entertainment center as well as a pool and SPA and Wellness complex.

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